The roots of the Engineer in Training exam can be traced back to 1907 when the state of Wyoming passed the first registration laws for Engineers practicing within state lines. The concept quickly caught on throughout the nation, and by 1920, 10 states had similar laws in place. At this time, 7 of these 10 states formed the Council of State Boards of Engineering Examiners (CSBEE). In the years succeeding, more states continued to adopt laws, and by 1950, all 50 states had defined regulations. States continued to build, enforce, and refine laws through national meetings where the individual Boards would convene to discuss common interests and concerns. These meetings transpired and molded the licensing test in 1965 that we now know as the Fundamentals of Engineer (FE) exam (Engineer in Training exam).

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Today, CSBEE is known as the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) and continues to administer the EIT exam. As stated in their vision, the NCEES has a goal of providing “leadership in professional licensure of engineers and surveyors through excellence in uniform laws, licensing standards, and professional ethics for the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare and to shape the future of professional licensure.” All engineers in the United States collectively share this vision in hopes of providing quality, safe, and efficient products and services to the general public.

Professional Engineers affect your life in ways you probably don’t even realize. They are responsible for making some of the most astonishing project ideas become reality around the world!

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Why you should take the Engineer in Training Exam?

Besides being invaluable to your personal development, the Engineer in Training (EIT) exam and certification is the first step in acquiring your Professional Engineer (PE) License. As a licensed PE, you become a member of an exclusive group of Engineers who are afforded a number of exclusive benefits. As a recognized leader in the industry, you will garner the benefits of stamping and sealing Engineering drawings, owning your own Engineering Firm with your name associated with it, performing individual consulting services to the public, and increases in salary far greater than the average.
As an EIT, you are fast on your way to understanding the full capacity of what it takes to be a true Engineer. A couple of important reasons for taking the Engineer in Training exam now:

  • You are reinforcing the importance of laws, standards, and ethics which expands to protect the general public.
  • You become more valuable to the Engineering industry.
  • You experience a far tougher time preparing for the Engineer in Training exam the further you are removed from college. However, not necessary, it is typically easier to get the exam done and out of the way soon than later.
  • States are going to start requiring Continuing education requirements for Professional Engineers

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