Missouri Professional Engineer – FE Exam

The Divsion’s primary mission is to serve and protect the public from misconduct, incompetency, gross negligence, fraud, misrepresentation or dishonesty through the provision of an accessible, responsible and accountable regulatory system that licenses only those who are qualified through in-depth examination and evaluation of minimum competency and enforcing legislation as well as administrative rules.

The Missouri Division of Registration for Architects, Engineers, and Land Surveyors will have all the necessary details regarding the Missouri FE Exam Application, FE Exam Dates, FE Exam Costs, and locations for local FE Exam Reviews.

Missouri FE Exam

Board Contact Information:

Website pr.mo.gov/apelsla.asp
Name Judy A. Kempker
Email moapels@pr.mo.gov
Phone (573) 751-0047
Fax (573) 751-8046
Address 3605 Missouri Boulevard, Suite 380 Jefferson City, MO 65109

Fee Schedule:

Fee for FE/EIT exam application $10
Fee for FE/EIT exam $0
Fee for FE re-exam $50
Fee for EIT certification $0
Fee for EIT certification by comity or transfer of EIT $0
Fee for EIT renewal $0
Frequency of EIT renewal N/A

When can I take the Engineer in Training exam? If you are enrolled in an EAC/ABET accredited engineer program, you can take the exam in your last year before graduating.

What educational programs are accepted for taking the Engineer in Training exam? Any EAC/ABET or Non-EAC/ABET accredited engineering program. However, further education and/or experience may be required prior to taking the PE exam if you graduate from a program other than EAC/ABET. See the Boards website for details.

Are there any programs equivalent to EAC/ABET accepted for taking the Engineer in Training exam? Yes, Programs accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board and Programs accredited by accrediting bodies from countries signatory to the Washington Accord or listed in ABET publications.

Does the Board accept equivalent Foreign Education? Yes, uses or requires the applicant to use a Foreign Education evaluation service to determine eligibility.

What are acceptable Foreign Evaluation systems: CPEES (Center for Professional Engineering Education Services)

When in the licensing process is an applicant required to obtain a foreign degree evaluation? Prior to taking the Engineer in Training (EIT), FE exam.

What terms are restricted in their usage in the state? Engineer, Variations of “engineer” (e.g., registered engineer, licensed engineer), and Professional Engineer

How does state license Engineers? As a professional engineer, allowed to practice in his/her area(s) of competency, regardless of which discipline of the professional examination was taken for licensure.

Have further questions? Check the Frequently Asked Questions or visit pr.mo.gov/apelsla.asp to get the most up to date information

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