STEP 2: Getting Started – Well I’ve FAILED, I need to Pass now!

First off, congratulations on not giving up on your goal of passing the EIT, I am definitely looking forward to helping you forward in your endeavors.

What you are doing in taking the initiative to continue your studies and take on the EIT exam again says something about you as an individual; continue to fight and keep your head up.

I understand that after failing the exam once or even a couple of times, that you are experiencing some great overwhelm right up front.

When we get to this point in our careers, there’s no doubt that we are super busy. You may have a growing family, or are working 60+ hours at work, or going after a Masters…or maybe you are caught up in a little bit of all of these. With a temporary failure looming over you coupled with the constraints of this life we live, preparing to dominate this exam is not an easy thing to contend with.

But let’s get one thing straight…it’s not a matter whether or not you can do it, it’s when you can do it.

The bottom line is this: We are going to have to figure out how to be super productive with the time that we do have.  There’s no fancy footing around thinking that we can get away with throwing away time…we just don’t have it.

So with that being said…

STEP 3: My NUMBER ONE suggestion in Getting Started Right!

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STEP 4: I’ve signed up for the EIT Academy Course…Now what?

The next thing we need to do is tear apart our next couple of months by sitting down and really thinking forward a detailed schedule that will take you through the day of the test.

The time you spend up front just getting rid of all the “I’m not sure I can do this” nerves, will pay dividends as you study.

And, two words for the “I’m not sure I can do this” nerves…


“Watch Me”


There is no reason why you can’t pass this exam NOW. Mend together the time you do have, with discipline and execution, and you will be well on your way to passing.

Here are a few suggestions that will get your started:

  • Gather all your diagnostics from previous exams and really dig in to where your weak spots exist. These are gold when it comes to adjusting your study schedule.

Your diagnostic will be a document sent to you from NCEES and will look something similar to this:

  • Start small – Yes, we have a lot of content to cover, and Yes, you are probably feeling like you need to make some huge progress right up front to build your confidence going in to a re-test. Try and not get ahead of yourself, start with some small wins that will help you develop momentum and further enhance your confidence for the long haul.
  • Get your resources, books, practice exams, if you have the money, make the investment, they will pay off. At this point, do some personal reflection on the types of mediums that you best learn with. Maybe you need to interject some video reviews or approach study groups in your local area? I am an advocate on the use of all mediums, switch it up often, keep the mind engaged and on point in as many different ways as you can.

STEP 5: What Resources should I consider?

Here are a couple of quality resources to look in to:

Getting your hands on sample exams is beyond valuable. Being able to review and work through an exam solving structured problems will not only prepare you for what to expect on the test, but mentally prepare you for working such an exam under the timed conditions.

The timing factor is something people tend to overlook, you have 110 total problems on the EIT exam and 360 minutes to complete them; that breaks down to a little over 3 minutes per problem.

      • Practice Exam – Throughout my studies, I found that many of the resources I was spending my money on were falling short in some keys areas important to us aspiring engineers. Recognizing this, I decided to fill a portion of this void by developing a Practice Exam targeting expansion of these weak points.
      • Michael Lindeburg’s FE Review Manual – A high quality FE/EIT review manual is a must. Make sure that the version that you purchase has been updated in the last few years to ensure it contains the most relevant information from the exam.
  • Review the table of contents in your review book and create a schedule. This is where the diagnostics will come in handy as well, you know where you need more review time and where you can cut some.
  • I also typically suggest at this point to take your first practice exam, just to get a feel for where you stand. I don’t recommend sitting down and hammering out an 8 hour mock exam, just get a practice exam and run through it, see what problems come easy and which do not, mark it up. Weak areas will surface and you will have a better idea where you need to start your studies. However, you have experience with the exam, and if you feel comfortable knowing your weak points, I wouldn’t waste any of your valuable time here.
  • Start studying; break your schedule up in to micro sessions, ie, study for an hour everyday instead of 5 hour sessions once or twice a week. Those are just example numbers, but my point is, do many short study sessions, it will keep you fresh for the long haul. Take advantage of your lunch breaks at work!
  • For study sessions, plan ahead, think ahead. Know what you will be studying for that next hour before you even sit down to do it. We can’t waste time trying to figure out what is going to be reviewed in the time we set aside for the review, this mobilization time will just kill your productivity and efficiency.
  • Be consistent and give yourself deserved days off to completely remove yourself from the process, you will come back reinvigorated.

STEP 6: I have no time, how am I going to be able to Study?

We are all extremely busy, there is no question about that. Combining the obligations we have with family, work, and other life events, it’s no wonder we sit down at night wondering where the day went.

Especially in this economy, we are all probably busting our butts a little more just to keep our family afloat.

The question remains though, are we really in tune with the activities that are making us so-called “busy”?

In order to be successful on the Engineer In Training Exam, and in all the other areas of life, you need to take accountability for what you are doing with your time. Is your day full of activities that are bringing value to your life, or are they just “filler” events robbing you of a valuable yet scarce asset.

I can’t answer that for you, but I can provide, from my experience, some key areas to look in to in finding some extra time during your day to fit in a little studying:

  • Like I mentioned above, use your lunch breaks to study, get up early before work to get in 30-45 minutes of studying, stay up a little later to get 30-45 minutes of studying. This probably sounds horrible, which it probably will be, but think long term, it’s only temporary discomfort. Stay healthy though, don’t sacrifice your health and well being for an exam.
  • Be done with TV. I am not sure if you are a big TV watcher, but a lot of people are surprised to realize how much time they spend on the couch each week when they track it. Use the time that you would be on the couch to be in the books instead, there most likely will be some time to be earned here.
  • Again, schedule your sessions, be ahead of the game in knowing what you will be reviewing.

STEP 7: I threw my TV in the trash, help me make some progress quick!

Assuming that you are already signed up for the FREE 12-part EITE Academy Course (and if you are not, what are you waiting for, click the register button above, IT’S FREE!), has a huge library of free videos of various topics you are going to see on the exam.

You best bet, and the most crucial for this exam, is to jump to the Math videos and get started there.


STEP 8: I love all this…do you have any other resources I can use?

I know this “Getting Started” page is getting little lengthy, but you are the reason I started this site, I want you to succeed, you deserve it, so I am going to continue to give you as much as I can here and throughout this site as you progress on your journey.

I commend you for sticking around to this point and have a few resources that you should definitely take note of as you begin your studies. is all over the internet and continues to develop new platforms to better serve you as you get ready to take your career to the next level.

Some resources to note, if you haven’t seen them already:

  • YouTube – I have put some topical review videos both on my site under the “Videos” section and YouTube at:

Feel free to use them as much as you need.

  • iTunes – The videos are also now available on iTunes as a podcast, and of course they are FREE. So now you can be more mobile then ever while preparing for the exam, and mobility is huge when it comes to finding time. I hope you find this helpful! You can access the podcast here:

  • Facebook – Come and jump in on the discussions or start your own over at the Facebook page at:

STEP 9: …and NOW is the Time!

I know there’s a lot of information to digest here and hope you will find immediate use in some of the information I have provided for you.

I just wanted to finish off by saying that I’m here for you, not only as a guide while you begin or continue your engineering journey, but also as a friend. I do my best to respond to all the emails I receive (it’s been getting tougher lately as this site gains in popularity, but I will always do my best to respond!), and I do not hold myself above anybody. I’m not special, I’m just a guy who likes to work hard, study smart and use the leverage I have online to help others along in there journey of becoming an Engineer.

Thank you so much for your support, and if you’ve made it this far, I’d love for you to come say hi to me on my Facebook Page. I’ll definitely respond, so for now, Good Luck and I look forward to getting to know you better as you progress on your journey of becoming a certified EIT…


Justin Dickmeyer, PE

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