The Oddest Place I Found the Impostor Syndrome (and how I destroyed it)

Impostor Syndrome
The Oddest Place I Found the Impostor Syndrome (and how I destroyed it)

I was the Master at Madden ’95.

My friends and I would play that game on Nintendo for hours back in the day, and I would just unleash slant routes and tear them apart.

I got the nickname “Slants” by doing this…I dominated.

While in high school, I dominated my Math classes.

I was also recruited by some of the most elite College Football programs out there.

Going in to College, I thought ...

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7 Keys To Getting Out Of Your Rut (Let’s Get Personal)

Get Out of Your Rut FE Exam

I started this blog post 3 days ago, and today I am finally putting the finishing touches on it.

I considered reworking this whole introduction to avoid being too vulnerable…but that’s not going to happen, it’s not how I roll.

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know I pride myself on being open, transparent, and honest with myself and others I am working with.

Whether it be my family, friends, or students…you are going to know exactly what I am ...

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Your Buffer Zone (and How It Affects Your FE Exam Results)

Buffer Zone and the FE Exam

One of the first fundamental lessons we get when learning to drive is that of maintaining a buffer zone between us and the cars ahead of us.

Sound advice.

Maintaining such space keeps us safe and it keeps others safe.

It gives us time to think and react to things that are coming at us unexpectedly.

But too this day, their are times when random distractions in the car (read 3 girls under the age of 5), outside, or ...

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How To Hack Motivation (Even When You Don’t Want To Study For The FE Exam)

How to hack motivation (even when you don't want to study for the FE Exam)

I remember when I first began snowboarding.

The night before my first trip up to the mountain, I could barely sleep, I was so excited to get out there.

I stayed up most all the night with my buddies watching snowboard movies on repeat, envisioning the amazing tricks I would be busting out the next day.

Misty Flip.

Ninety Roll.


Alright, so yes, I had big dreams and aspirations and I have to admit…my day was definitely not spent ...

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You Are Dying…All In The Name of Becoming a Professional Engineer


I was dying.

My back was excruciating in pain.

My eyes were going in and out of focus.

I was hopping on and off sentences as I read the emails on my computer screen.

Though I continued to sit there, 5 hours in, trucking as hard as I could towards the time when I would be set back free in to a world of movement.

As many of you, this was the moment when it became apparent that I ...

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A Delectable for your FE Exam Study Sessions (and I’m not kidding)

Chocolate and Memory_940_350

What the Flavinol? For Real!?

I remember it clearly as if it was just yesterday.

I was driving home from work, stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, on a dark fall night.

For the past few months I had been hitting the books hard preparing for my Professional Engineer Exam that was upcoming.

My routine was set, go straight from my day job to a local coffee shop to put in some time studying.

It was this day that I realized where I was mentally…

My ...

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If you struggle to stay focused, THIS is your solution (HINT: It will SOUND insane)


Right now I am listening to Pandora…to be precise, the current track playing is Testarossa by PANTyRaiD Superior.

This is a little early to get off on a tangent…but I would have to say that’s an interesting name.

How much money I am willing to pay to take a trip through the heads of these creatives for just a day to see where it takes me, that would be…ah, a trip.

We shall continue…

As I sit here at Starbucks, their are two ladies ...

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The Fallacy of Time


Is that a huge mental block you got their sir?

Why yes, yes it is.

Well sir, it does not appear to have a foundation to stand on, how is it not falling down?

Not sure, it’s just how it has been since it was built, I never thought to test its stability…I just accepted that it was built correctly.


This is my life…this is your life…it’s a mental thing.


A book that gets heavy use in my household is one by the name of ...

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Professional Engineer Career and the Art of Email

Professional Engineer and Email Art

This is an article I wrote for where I provide practical insight and wisdom to those preparing for the the FE Exam and the Professional Engineer Exam.


I used to be terrible at email.

And you probably still are.

But it’s not because you can’t write eloquently, or that you can’t get your point across…you likely write a whole lot better than I ever will.

Its just human nature…we are born horrible at everything until we put the time in to mastering and understanding the art of whatever ...

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The FE Exam Transition is Real…

FE Exam CBT Testing
Fundamentals Of Engineering Exam CBT Format Transition

Are you ready?  Maybe you are, maybe you are not…but whether we favor the former or the later, we are all about to experience something this coming January that hasn’t been experienced in…well, a long time.  On January 1st, 2014, all individuals will be taking the Fundamentals of Engineering exam as a Computer Based Test (CBT) rather than the ultra-refined, super taxing paper exam that everyone before you was blessed to sit and go ...

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