Hello, my name is Justin and I am the author behind EngineerInTrainingExam.com. I am a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of California with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University. I am currently working as a Construction Manager/Project Manager for a large Engineering Firm in Northern California.

It was a couple years back that I decided that change was needed. I needed to stop being like ‘most people’, stop being afraid of creating change, and take control of my career as an Engineer. I wasn’t willing to leave the quality of my life up to the ‘chance’ that I would acquire the position I so desired. It was time that I began my journey of becoming a Registered Professional Engineer.

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Taking this step was a struggle, no doubt.  I needed to dedicate myself to dominating the Engineer in Training exam, but I was constantly put off by the magnitude and range of the test.  Like most, upon graduating, my brain decided that the information that I had garnered throughout the years of college needed to be purged to make way for the influx of information that was due to enter in the coming years.

With the feeling that I lacked the necessary intelligence and pleasantly overwhelmed, I had no clue where to start.  I turned to the internet in search for simple guidance in preparing for the exam, but continued to find myself frustrated and unable to find relevant information of value relating to preparing for the EIT exam.  Short on time and not about to let this get me down, I trekked forward on my journey while creating my own path to success.

EngineerInTrainingExam.com is a concoction of my experience, the journey.  This site aims to be the conduit for change in your engineering career.  A means to leave the world of mediocrity where you constantly check your confidence at the door with the likes of ‘most people’.  Put aside your overwhelming self doubts and join with me, there is no better place then here and there is no better time then now.

The concept of this site is to provide an open and free forum of pure value, pure content relating to the Engineer in Training exam.  Through this site, I aim to engage with fellow engineers out there, helping as many as I can recognize their abilities in passing the Engineer in Training exam the first time.  Here I will organize answers to the common questions, provide study tips, tutorials, guidance, and other valuable resources associated with the EIT exam.

Last but certainly not least, this site is dedicated to my wife Rachel and baby girls Violet and Annabelle, who everyday support me in becoming the best Engineer I can be.

With that said, let’s get started on this journey together.  Let’s stop being like ‘most people’ and unleash the potential that is within. In the months coming, this site will cultivate in to what it will be, check back often, and always know that I am here to help you during this time.  I have been there, I have thought the thoughts, and have asked the questions.  I know you have what it takes to take on this test, so don’t look back.  If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact me anytime…

Good Luck!

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Justin Dickmeyer, PE

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