Are you wondering where to even start studying for the Engineer in Training exam?  The resources noted below are where I suggest you begin looking.  This area of the site has expanded and will continue to expand as we uncover the best resources out there used for FE Exam review.

The following resources are some I suggest you consider immediately prior to setting forth on your journey of dominating the Engineer in Training exam.

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Comprehensive Online Study Programs

  • Prepineer – We here at have been in the trenches with our students from day one. Through the process we’ve uncovered why students were struggling so much to pass this exam. With this knowledge, we developed Prepineer, an all in one online study program changing the way successful students are studying for the FE Exam. Click here learn more about Prepineer.

Engineer in Training Sample Exams

Getting your hands on sample exams is beyond valuable. Being able to review and work through an exam solving structured problems will not only prepare you for what to expect on the test, but mentally prepare you for working such an exam under the timed conditions. The timing factor is something people tend to overlook, you have 180 total problems on the EIT exam and 480 minutes to complete them; that breaks down to a little over 2 and half minutes per problem.

  • AM Practice Exam (CURRENTLY BEING REVISED) – Throughout my studies, I found that many of the resources I was spending my money on were falling short in some keys areas important to us aspiring engineers. Recognizing this, I decided to fill a portion of this void by developing a Practice Exam targeting expansion of these weak points.
  • Michael Lindeburg’s FE/EIT Sample Examinations – PPI always puts together solid study materials that you can trust.

Engineer in Training Review Manual

If you decide that an FE Exam review course like Prepineer isn’t a fit for you, then a high quality FE/EIT review manual is a must. Make sure that the version that you purchase has been updated in the last few years to ensure it contains the most relevant information from the most recent exam specifications.


Knowing from the beginning what information you will be provided during the Engineer in Training exam is a must and can pay dividends while you prepare. Over time, you will learn where to quickly reference certain information without wasting the valuable time on the exam. Remember, you have a little over 2 and a half minutes to solve each problem, no need to waste that time flipping pages. You can purchase or download the Engineer in Training FE Exam at the link below.

  • Reference Manual


In an effort to protect the integrity of the EIT FE Exam, NCEES limits the types of calculators you can use on the exam. I have seen people slip in this detail, don’t let it be you, see the list below for the current models of calculators that you can use:

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